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Hi. I’m Nuttanart Pornprasitsakul or you can call me Tap. I’m a programmer originally from Thailand, currently living in Guangzhou, China.

I’ve been working professionally for 8 years, mostly full-stack, loves all the backend works while have lesser experiences in UI design and CSS. My past works includes automate server provisioning, system monitoring, deployment pipeline, performance tuning, data import, data processing, mid-scale refactoring, web api, multiple services system, rich client-side browser based app, queueing system and high-traffic system.

I fall in love with Clojure/ClojureScript, have been using them primarily for the past 2 years. I do also have a huge familiarity with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible and Unix (OS X and Debian family). Some other technologies which I have significant experiences are Java, JavaScript, RabbitMQ Docker and AWS platform.

I’ve been doing Test-First for 7 years combining it with relatively recently known, incremental development with REPL. I know how to apply them practically. During development, I’m striving for simple design software. Love clean code and maintainability but do understand fast feedback loop, business urgency need and getting things done.

I do have some open source contributions, specifically code and docs contributions (requires Github account to view it).

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English blog where I note down technical solutions of the problems I have encountered there and sometimes do programming posts.

Thai blog for software development experiences, programming stuffs and life.

LinkedIn for more formal profile.

Twitter I tweet there!.

Founder and main contributor of Clojure in Thai community. Made a few Clojure screencasts. Gave some Clojure training and talks which one of them is recorded