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Hi. I’m Nuttanart Pornprasitsakul or you can call me Tap. I’m a programmer from Thailand.

I’ve been working professionally for 9 years, mostly full-stack. My past works include automate server provisioning, system monitoring, deployment pipeline, load testing, performance tuning, data import, data processing, mid-scale refactoring, web api, multiple services system, rich client-side browser based app, queueing system and high-traffic system.

I fall in love with Clojure/ClojureScript, have been using them primarily for the past 3 years. I do also have a huge familiarity with PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible and Unix (OS X and Debian family). Some other technologies which I have significant experience with are Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, RabbitMQ, Docker and AWS platform.

I have a good understanding of software design, development agility, devops, continuous delivery, test-first development and incremental development via repl.

I always strive for simple design software. Love clean code and maintainability but do understand fast feedback loop, business urgency needs and getting things done.

I do have some open source contributions, specifically code and docs contributions (requires Github account to view it).

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English blog where I note down technical solutions of the problems I have encountered there and sometimes do programming posts.

Thai blog for software development experiences, programming stuffs and life.

LinkedIn for more formal profile.

Twitter I tweet there!.

Founder and main contributor of Clojure in Thai community. Made a few Clojure screencasts. Gave some Clojure training and talks which one of them is recorded