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Hi. I'm Nuttanart Pornprasitsakul or you can call me Tap. I'm a programmer who favor on product quality and life happiness. I'm a generalist but most familiar Ruby on Rails stack. Newbie-level experience with Clojure and Elixir.

I know a little about Object-Oriented design, Test-driven development, Developer testing, API design, Agile development practices and I have some experiences on Unix, Redis, Backbone.js, PostgreSQL, Git and Java.

I would love to remote pair programming with anyone to get you start with TDD, Ruby and Rails, or anyone who want to find a partner in functional programming learning journey.

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Engligh blog where I note down technical solutions of the problems I have encoutered there and sometimes do programming post.

Thai blog for software development experiences, programing stuffs and life.

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I also write on ruby66 and agile66